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Pan fried spicy chicken wings

Quick And Easy Pan Fried Spicy Chicken Wings

Deep fried is the standard way which actually doing in restaurants.But here i am gonna show how to cook shallow fry with chicken wings.fried spicy chicken wings would be a great appetizer.I tired it today.It really came out well so i thought to share it here


1.Chicken wings-550g
2.Chilli powder-1tbsp
3.Turmeric powder-1/2 tbsp
4.Garlic-2 tbsp
5.Ginger-2 tbsp
6.Lemon juice 1tbsp
7.Rice flour-1 tbsp
8.oil-1 tbsp
9.salt as needed


1.Take ginger and garlic in a blender,blend it as fine paste

2.Now take chilli powder,turmeric powder,salt in a bowl

3.Add the ginger garlic paste

4.Now add lemon juice

5. Now add oil and rice flour to make it as a thick paste

6.Now add the chicken wings into the paste

7.Mix it well and leave it for 1 hour.Marination really helps tenderize the meat and distribute the flavors evenly

8.Now take a wide pan add some oil for shallow fry the chicken wings,remember to cook in a medium high flame do not fry in a high flame one by one in the pan

10.After ten minutes slowly turn it .Fry till the chicken wings is tender and its gets a good reddish brown color

13.Now yummy pan fried spicy chicken wings is ready to serve :-)

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